About Transportation

Can I check the shipping cost before confirming the purchase? Yes. Shipping costs are on the final checkout page. Here are the steps: After clicking the checkout button in the shopping cart, you will be directed to a screen to enter payment and customer information. Enter your payment and customer information (including your address) and press Continue to go to the final checkout page. Now that you are on the final checkout page, you can choose the shipping option of your choice. You can then confirm by clicking the "Complete My Purchase" button. How about tariffs, tariffs and tariffs? You are responsible for paying any duties, duties, or duties based on the specific requirements of your state or country. What if the item is damaged when it arrives? We handle all our belongings very carefully. Once we ship the item, it is now not within our scope of responsibility, and we are not responsible for any damage that may occur during the delivery process. We can help you by submitting a claim, but there is no guarantee that it will be effective. Finally, you need to apply for product or transportation insurance before we ship. Please refer to our refund policy for defective items. Where can I enter the promotional code/discount code? After entering the payment information, press Continue. There will be an empty box where you can apply the promotional code/discount code. Enter your code in this box and press Enter. Your discount (if applicable) will be applied automatically. Can I use 2 promotional codes in one transaction? Sorry for not working. Can I use promotional codes on special offers? Yes. However, certain restrictions apply. How do I know when my item will be shipped? An email confirmation and applicable tracking number will be sent to you